Read the Bible in 2021 as a Church!

2021 WORD Search gets us started and keeps us 
motivated throughout the year. Sign up today!

Pastor Jon has recommended the M’Cheyne reading plan for our
members. Choose one of these methods: 

Email sent to you every day with Scripture
    1. Click this LINK
    2. Complete form and be sure to enter the “Initial Reading
    Date” as 2021-01-01. Enter your email and select
    “Subscribe.” You must confirm in an email sent to you by
    Bible plan.

Daily Audio Podcasts
    1. Open Podcasts app.
    2. Select “Search” at bottom right.
    3. Enter “ESV M’Cheyne reading plan.”
    4. Touch icon for plan.
    5. Select “Subscribe.”
    6. Listen to 15-minute daily reading starting January 1. You can
    also select “Show Notes” which will provide the text so you
    can read along.
Traditional Paper Copy of Plan
    Pick up your paper copy on the offering table, and check off
    completed readings each day.

ESV Daily Reading Bible: Through the Bible in 365 Days
    This Bible portions the texts into daily readings based upon the
    M’Cheyne plan. You can order the paperback version on
    Amazon for $20.00.